Installation Design, Antalya
For the International Architecture Biennale of Antalya 2013, İyiofis teammed up with Fulya Akipek and came up with a three part project: ASK - OBSERVE - ACT. Two other offices: İkikerebir and Gökhan Aksoy joined İyiofis realizing the project aiming to question the involvement of the city dweller in the planning and design of public space. 
"ASK" undertaken by Iyi and Fulya Akipek, presented a white table working as a blank canvas along with colored pencils and carving tools, encouraging people to draw, write and etch on it. Four questions concerning the city was printed on the corners, dividing the table to provide space for the answers.
"OBSERVE" by Gökhan Aksoy, asked the visitors to pin some preferences and answers on a map of Antalya. The colors of the pins populated the map, creating areas of green where people wished to plant trees and blue blobs where people liked to go for a swim. Yellow pins showed the spots where Antalya residents liked to take their loved ones and red pins where favored dining venues. 
"ACT" by Kutlu Bal and Hakan Evkaya of İkikerebir, posed the question: "How would you re-organize the building mass on the shore?" City blocks were freely arranged on a base representing the shoreline by the fjords, some of the most valued areas in Antalya for their beautiful views. The visitors could form anything they imagined from densely populated high rises opening up green area for public use or spread the blocks  along the shore for a low skyline.
from left to right: OBSERVE - ACT - ASK

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