ITÜ Ufuk Güldemir Wild Life Museum

Exhibition Design and Remodelling, Istanbul

İTÜ Ufuk Güldemir Wild Life Museum, exhibition design concept has been developed by İyiofis in collaboration with Associate Professor Ozan Önder Özener.

 The exhibition concept is developed to enhance the collection and the information about items. The exhibition is an extremely abstracted and styled backdrop behind the collection. This new Wild Life Museums collection is expected to grow and alter in time. Responding to this, we have deployed a hexagonal modular grid . Hexagonal grid extends over the entire exhibition hall trying to create continuity among spaces and exhibitions. Modules following this grid allows for alterations and additions in time, while lowering the costs of production.  
Through transparent and translucent elements in the exhibition, we have created a layered view from each angle. Each layer is to reveal information with a different depth. 

Transparent vertical barriers (Balustrades,walls) has been used as information boards juxtaposing the information on to the items. Circulation path of visitors is design to draw them inside the exhibits.

To enhance the viewers experience, new media has been included in the design in addition to the classical exhibition methods. Animations, projections and sound installations are integrated within the displays.
A view towards the African exhibit
Interactive buttons activating the animations.
Triangular Modular System
Transparent walls and balustrades
Circulation path through one of the exhibits. A fast and a slow route has been designed.
Entrence Level, The whale skeleton
At the entrance an ever changing wall of information welcomes visitors.
The shop

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